What is it? Who am I?

Canned Laughter is what I call the hat I wear when I do music composition & audio editing. I am James Powell, sound designer and composer, based in Amsterdam. I focus on projects that aim to educate, inform and elevate the arts. I work for musea, radio and documentary, podcasts and short films. This sees me variously in a few different roles: musical composition, sound design and sound effects, mixing and mastering for different audio environments and media.

I like to fit into the team mix which is why depending on what you need, if we get on and I like the project, I am happy to take on different roles where needed. I also advise on audio recording and production, especially in the area of online audio and podcasting.

Clients include:

Deep Though Productions, Mensch Creative Agency, Radiomakers Desmet, Zaans Museum, What if we get it right?, K18, Li-ma, waterpistol, Arlequino, BBK

Music Production

I have been working as a musician since the mid-1990s, first as an artist signed to A&M records in London, and from there, as an independent recording artist under the name WATERPISTOL. https://waterpistol.nl

I also work with other artists and musicians, most recently with independent, alternative, Amsterdam-Berlin based, rock duo ARLEQUINO. https://arlequino.band