Aquarium Sessions 2019!

Since March 2019, I have been working with the editorial team at K18 in Amsterdam – responsible for Gitarist, Interface, Slagwerkkrant, de Bassist, and more – to record the Aquarium Sessions. We’ve done quite a few now, and these are all available to view on their Youtube Channel.

You can also see an interview with me, as a sort of ‘how we make these sessions‘ which was also published in Interface magazine at the end of the year.

UNFOLD: Audience/Performer/Mirror

Just had the joy of recording actor Sophia van der Putten for a performance of Dan Graham’s performance and video work Audience/Performer/Mirror.

This will be performed at Lab111, Amsterdam on Wednesday 14th Janaury 2020, from 6:30.

For more information and to buy tickets, visit:

Thunderdome Never Dies

In October 2019, I finished work on the sound for Thunderdome Never Dies. A really intense documentary about the history of Thunderdome, as seen through the eyes of those that started it up, those that kept it going and those that kept returning year after year. It was premiered in the Pathé cinema network, and is in various local cinemas across The Netherlands.